The Team

Human relations are a cornerstone for the project and for the well-being of its members. We share work spaces, organizational and governance assemblies, recreational and social spaces, and spaces for the promotion of relational health and conflict management.





Passion and purpose at the service of the community.

Andrés Labella Iglesias

Lawyer at @TheHound_Bcn and at​Specialist in property and mortgage law, he works for families and entrepreneurs, reinforcing the tasks of information and prevention in order to avoid judicial conflicts and disputes that imply losses for all parties involved. Special dedication and services to families with members with specific needs or situations of dependency as well as to entities working in this area to promote the defence of the rights of the 2006 United Nations Convention. In 2014, with the architect Isabel Torres, she founded ‘The Hound’, which is a team that rescues disused properties, in order to seek a second useful life by promoting rehabilitation, making use of new forms of ownership, Catalan shared ownership and collective ownership, through cooperatives. Socially involved, he is a member of the Permanent Commission of the Arco Iris Foundation in Martorell and in the educational field he is a member of the Board of the El Puig Cooperative School in Esparreguera.



Isabel Torres Ullés

Architect and renovation consultant. Specialist in heritage rehabilitation and reuse of old structures. Founder and director of REHABINOVA​, where she leads a team of architects and engineers with a common goal: architecture must save energy, be healthy, have social effects and also be beautiful. Member of AVES (Architecture and Sustainability, association for the diffusion of sustainable architecture in Barcelona). Responsible for the design and technical aspects of the housing rehabilitation project and recovery of disused buildings, and director of the works.


Xavi Llopart

Real estate advisor and head of HOGAVA ConsultingLaw graduate at the UB. Master’s Degree in Real Estate Consultancy and Advice at the UB. He is a real estate friend, he informs about how processes work and how the market works, allowing people to make decisions with all the information. He is passionate about visiting and photographing abandoned SITES, imagining what they were like and reviving them. He has also spent more than half his life enjoying volleyball.

Daniel J. Hayes

Doctor of Public Health, Social Entrepreneur and Mediator at the Conflict Mediation Unit of the University of Barcelona. Member of the Can Masdeu Valley for 10 years. Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and Contact Improvization. Founder of Touch & Play. In charge of managing the processes and content of the Vidalia project. Dutchman and father of 2 children born in Catalonia.

Queralt Jorba

General Sanitary Psychologist, Systemic Coach and Dancer. She manages projects for the promotion of relational health and artistic mediation with public and private organizations. InCorpora is the platform that brings together their projects. Born in Manresa. Mother of 2 children.


Aina, Ben, Cristina, Daniel, Esteve, Gui, Idoia, Lídia, Noè, Rubén, Sara, Sergi, Vicente, Mònica…

Ana del Rio Lozano

Ana del Rio Lozano

Nascuda a Múrcia i resident a Terrassa. Arquitecta titulada per l'ETS d'Arquitectura del Vallès (UPC) i postgraduada en Rehabilitació arquitectònica a l'Escola Sert. Interessada en moviments socials de transició energètica, habitatge cooperatiu i disseny passiu d'edificis, així com en la difusió de la ciència i el pensament crític. Sòcia fundadora de l'Associació Agrocultural Terrassenca Almàssera per a la promoció de la sobirania alimentària i la gestió dels recursos naturals.

Nils Janssen

Nils Janssen

Alemany, fa 12 anys que està a Barcelona. Fotògraf de publicitat. Assistent per a produccions internacionals. Instructor de l'art marcial no violenta Aikido ( "l'art de la pau") i de la Comunicació No Violenta CNV (segons Marshall Rosenberg). Acompanyo individus, grups i organitzacions en la creació d'una gestió més humana dels conflictes. Fundador i organitzador del Festival Comunicació No Violenta (Piñuecar / Madrid) amb l'Associació ACNV, membre del cercle coordinador del Grup de formadors CNV de Catalunya.

Blai Garcia Serra

Blai Garcia Serra

Nascut el 1968 a Monistrol de Montserrat. Pare de dues nenes. És Llicenciat en Filosofia i s’ha format en Administració d’Empreses i Coaching. Vinculat des de sempre al món associatiu i a la educació en el lleure l’any 2005 entra en contacte al món cooperatiu i en queda enamorat. Ha estat consultor, Director Tècnic a la Federació de Cooperatives de Treball de Catalunya i Gerent de Uni.Co SCCL (Unió de Cooperatives) Grup Empresarial Cooperatiu. Amant de la muntanya li agrada fer esports que combinin l’esforç, l’aventura i el repte en grup.

Monique van Steen

Monique van Steen

Holandesa de 42 anys. Resident a Barcelona des del 2007. Directora de la seva pròpia empresa d'Arts Plàstiques. Facilitadora de sessions com a Terapeuta de Psicodanza. És membre fundadora del ‘Touch&Play Project’ on facilita talleres de consciencia corporal y creixement personal. Cofundadora del Projecte ‘Sisterhood’ que pretén treballar les vincles entre dones en la nostre societat

Ana del Rio Lozano

Born in Murcia and currently resident in Terrassa. Architect graduated from the ETS de Arquitectura del Vallès (UPC) and postgraduate in Architectural Rehabilitation at the Sert School. Interested in social movements of energy transition, cooperative housing and passive design of buildings, as well as in the dissemination of science and critical thinking. Founding member of the agrocultural Terrassenca Almàssera association for the promotion of food sovereignty and the management of natural resources.

Anuar El Ouahabi El Ghazi

Born in Barcelona in 1984, father of one son. Doctor in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution from the University of Barcelona. Specialist in water analysis. Currently working for the Catalan Water Agency. Member of the Esbladenca housing cooperative.

Christopher Fraser

Australian. Engineer and businessman. Founder and director of Invisibility Ltd, developing educational mobile applications. 25 years professional experience in engineering, such as R & D for Canon and Samsung and integration of renewable energy systems. His interests include sustainable architecture and water resources management.

Cristian Berenguer Vilella

Nascut a Manresa, de 44 anys, resident a Artés. Arquitecte tècnic per la UPC de Barcelona.  Aporto experiència en construcció, tant residencial com en obra civil, he executat el sanejament de la zona residencial de la Colònia Sedo. Tinc quatre anys d’experiència a nivell de vida en Comunitat, a Mataró. Col·laboro amb Fundació Soñar Despierto. Interessat en la bioarquitectura i bioconstrucció. Tinc coneixements en geopatologies.

Born in Manresa, 44 years old, resident in Artés. Technical Architect by the UPC of Barcelona. He brings a wide experience in construction, both residential and civil works. He has carried out the renovation of the residential area of Colonia Sedo. He has more than four years of experience referring to life in the Community, in Mataró. He collaborates with the Fundación Soñar Despierto. He is interested in bioarchitecture and bioconstruction and has knowledge of geopatologies.

Daniel Hernandez

English, 42 years old. Consultant, social entrepreneur and creator within the art of theatre. Founder of Haringey Artists Village and ‘Haringey Artes Community Interest Company’ in London. Executive Director of “K5 Studios”: a centre with more than 17 years of trajectory that brings together successful creative ateliers in an industrial complex ( ex Fallows), in an area of London that is now a noisy creative centre.

Daniel Moreno Pedrosa

Born in Mataró 37 years ago. Architect with experience of 10 years working in rehabilitations and reforms, 3 years in local architectural offices, urbanism projects, planning and construction, self-employed for 4 years and working on my own.
She believes in intergenerational community life and in the need to learn from others, especially children.

Sergi Jiménez

Born in Sabadell and raised in Cerdanyola del Vallès. Currently living in Manresa with his partner and two children. Graphic designer specializing in graphics applied to product (for Abertis, Mitsubishi Electrics, Solac, Azkoyen …). He works with social organizations such as Setem Catalunya, Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Catalan Federation of Scouting and Guide, Escoltas Catalanes, TotRaval Foundation. Promotional member of the Esbladenca Housing Cooperative.

Natalia Jojart

She was born in Argentina, and currently lives in Catalonia. Degree in Environmental Sciences in Costa Rica, and Master in International Cooperation from the University of Barcelona. Mother and worker in an old neighbourhood Granería. Committed to the environment and to a more responsible and ethical model of consumption. Member of the Esbladenca Housing Cooperative.


One of Vidal’s treasures is the coexistence with the historical neighbors of the Colony, those who had worked in the factory and know the history and secrets of colony life.

Much of the photographic material is by Nils Janssen. The graphic design is from Tila gràfics by Sergi Jiménez.

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