The Project



We are working so that the project can flourish. The Cooperativa Integral is the framework where the 3 legs of the project will grow.

Housing Cooperative

A housing cooperative will be established
as part of the integral cooperative to manage the transfer of use of the 110
Houses with which the colony counts for the members of the project. The Catalan law of housing cooperatives has many benefits that fit perfectly with the essence of the
colony and would allow it not to split up and maintain its structure and management.

Consumer Cooperative

There will be established a consumer cooperative as part of the integral cooperative to manage the production and sale of food products for the inhabitants of the colony through its own organic farming project and the supply to local producers.

Working cooperative

A working cooperative will be established as part of the integral cooperative in order to develop community work projects and encourage self-employment of project members.

Cultural and Artistic Centre

We will transform the old factory spaces to create an international centre of art and culture around the relational body. We hope to attract an eclectic group of artists, professors and researchers from Catalonia and different parts of the world to organize workshops, festivals, exhibitions, residencies, debates, trainings, etc. These activities will be open to the members of Vidalia, to the population of the area and to the general public

Other Services

We have created a framework for projects to be developed according to the motivations, needs and aptitudes of the inhabitants of Vidalia. We present below some of the services that we consider basic living in community.

Local and Exchange Store

To encourage a circular economy and promote degrowth and sustainability, we will open a local shop and an exchange store.

Tool bank

To facilitate renewal and
reconstruction of the colony
we will organize a tool bank where villagers can hand over their tools for community use and pick them up for personal use.

Community Laundry
To save water and money and to promote socialization among the inhabitants, we are going to create a community laundry where clothes can be washed in professional, low-consumption machines..


We will rehabilitate one of the old dining rooms of the colony to offer lunch and dinner to interested people, both for inhabitants and external participants. The food will be local and organic and, as far as possible, self-produced. The meals will be mostly vegan and vegetarian with dairy, meat and fish as an extra option.

Vehicle sharing services
In order to promote sustainability, reduce costs and stimulate social connections within the project, a study will be carried out to create a vehicle sharing system (preferably electric) for the inhabitants of the community.



The project will work to promote the inclusion of all individuals and especially people of minority ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, physical and mental abilities.
People with specific needs need natural environments as well as a sense of belonging to a community that makes the Colony become the ideal backdrop to reconcile both needs, either for a regular residence or for temporary or leisure weekend stays and holiday periods.

Sustainability and Self-sufficiency

The project will try to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible in relation to the energy used by its facilities, as well as in the food consumed. We will try to create a circular economy where money (including social currencies) circulates within the project and the neighborhood communities. By creating options for work and internal consumption we will try to maximize the number of people who can live from the activities of the colony. We are designing an energy plan within the framework of renewable energies. We have started ecological agriculture and permaculture

Communication and Relationships

In the world of community projects it is said that projects do not stop working for lack of bread, but for lack of words. Therefore, we want to emphasize the cultivation of a empathic communication between people. We understand that conflicts are a natural result of human interaction and that through their management, opportunities are born for personal and collective growth. A communication framework based on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication will be established. More complex conflicts will be addressed through professional mediation.

Organization and Decision Making

The central project will be governed by the integral cooperative with a high level of autonomy for housing, consumer and labor cooperatives and the other projects that may be developed under this umbrella. The organisational model is based on the sociocratic model, employing many elements of Sociocracy 3.0 and with a special emphasis on decision making, consent of the people involved and work in semi-autonomous circles.

Our Vision

We want to develop a cooperative project to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, just and compassionate society, developing a project of life that provides meaning, freedom and belonging to the lives of the people involved.

Our Mission

Build a holistic cooperative, encompassing housing, consumption and services.
To transform the former Colonia Vidal into a reference centre for an inspiring and sustainable life that respects its historical essence and attracts people from Catalonia and the rest of the world.

Our Values

Social and Solidarity Economy within the framework of degrowth.

Work as a source of inspiration and contribution to a fairer society (paid or voluntary, self-employed, reproductive or productive).

Economic development of the area.

Energy efficiency and generation of renewables.

Creative body and empowering relationships. Communication, Training, Arts and Culture.

Co-operativism and situational leadership.

Life in community and sharing resources.

We are part of nature, we want to reduce the environmental impact and our ecological footprint.

How did all this start?

In 2014, a team of professionals is charged with managing and searching a rescue plan for the property.

In 2017 they join forces and ideas with a group of people with experience in community life, who want to start a new project in Central Catalonia.

Vidal was born from this joint work.

The Contract

On the 30 November 2017, the Promoción de la Granja Urbana Association signed a farm contract for 75 years with the current owners Hines Cal Vidal SL.


We are currently working on the design of the rehabilitation plan and the energy plan within the framework of energy efficiency. We are working on the rehabilitation of some houses and the processing of the certificates of habitability. We have started to recover some plots of orchards from organic farming and permaculture. We take care of the relations between collaborators, with the neighbors, and the interested parties. We are working on institutional relations at local, national and European level.


I like all this, what’s next?

During this period we want to offer legal and documented urban farm contracts (meaning not paying rent in exchange for executing works that are agreed in advance) extendable to individuals, families and groups interested in occupying a house or other space in the colony, in exchange for a minimum of hours of work per month.
This will allow people to come and try the possible incorporation to the project with few risks and without a large investment of money. We have begun to form a group of pioneers inspired by the vision of this project, in order to begin to make it a reality. Then, once the legal and economic situation of the farm has normalized and once we reach a critical mass (e.g. 80-100 people) living in Vidal, we will constitute the Integral Cooperative and we will again consider starting the purchase of the property. All the landlords will have their contract and the management of the entire collective task will be the responsibility of a team of administrators, so that the organic functioning of the colony is always maintained in a perfect state of conservation, through the payment of an assumable fee for the service. We hope to start providing the first Farm contracts during 2020.



You can become “soci colaborador” which is a way to support the project, stay connected without participating of the economic activity.

You can come and participate of the working days and get to know more the project and the people. If you are more interested to roll the project you can also come for a week to live and support Vidàlia.

Once we know each other you would have the option to upgrade your membership to “consumer member” and after “soci expectant”.

I want to express my support to the project

Som part dels Projectes Singulars 2019 i el Programa Treball i Formació



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