A rising project of community, cooperation and transformation

Welcome to VIDALIA project.

We are creating an INTEGRAL COOPERATIVE at the old textile mill of Cal Vidal (Puig-reig, Barcelona), through the signed contract of Masoveria Urbana for 75 years.

Housing Cooperative

The housing cooperative manages the right-of-use for the 110 houses, through individual work-for-rent contracts.


Consumer Cooperative

The consumer coop manages the agricultural land. In the future will manage the production and sale of food through its own project of organic farming and the supply of local producers.

The Working Cooperative

The working coop will manage the more than 10,000 m2 of factory spaces in order to develop community work projects and promote the self-employment and to contribute to the socioeconomic dynamism of the area.



17th August

24th August

Others opening days:

This weeks we will have working day every Saturday.

21st of September European day of Sustainable Communities.

More info coming soon…


3-8 September

Community, embodied relationships and consent culture


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Social and Solidarity Economy

The work inspires us


Bio and agroecological


Sustainability and Degrowth

We are part of nature


Renewable generation


Autonomy and Membership

In freedom, we are part of the community

Sociocracy 3.0


Creativity and Communication

Inspirining relationships

Empathic communication

Embodiment and Arts Expressions


We are currently working on…

  • We have found the Coop, the legal entity that supports the project.
  • We have regular meetings with the group of collaborators.
  • We carry out maintenance and cleaning of the enclosure.
  • We have regular open work days so people can come and get to know the project.
  • We have begun the recovery of the plots of orchards.
  • We are working on the urban planning plan and a technical report on the heritage.
  • We are designing the energy plan of the colony from energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energies.
  • We are designing the waste water management plan.
  • We are generating complicities, widening institutional contacts, establishing the legal and bureaucratic bases and establishing the necessary agreements so that the project can flourish.

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APMU – Associació per la Promoció de la Masoveria Urbana